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Pogo Pass is a membership that provides you 12 months of FREE access to the best entertainment venues in Phoenix 


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Imagine being able to take your children and their friends to the best venues in Phoenix! It’s an investment that pays for itself! Best of all, every member of your family will enjoy these opportunities throughout the year. Phoenix has some of the most fun and family-friendly attractions in the country. What are you waiting for?

With your yearlong Pogo Pass, you and your family get FREE access to places like:

What Makes Pogo Pass Special?

Aside from incredible deals to the best attractions in Phoenix, we are also local. In other words, because we are from here in Phoenix, we know what local venues families want to and should be visiting throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for a fun summer getaway at Enchanted Island Amusement Park, or a cool summer evening watching an Arizona Diamondbacks game, Pogo Pass is a deal you don’t want to pass up!

Best Entertainment Phoenix Has to Offer

Visit Phoenix’s most incredibly fun locations throughout the year with Pogo Pass! You’ll want to visit these attractions again and again! Consider the fun of Stratum Laser Tag and enjoying an exciting evening out with the family. Whether you play competitively or are just looking to blast some lasers, an evening at Stratum Laser Tag is one that everyone will enjoy. After mastering the laser, consider developing your airsoft paintballs skills as well at Tempe Paintball. Unlike other competitors, Tempe Paintball has sessions limited to young children so that they can enjoy playing without the competition of teenagers and adults. Birthday parties are also available.

Perhaps you and your family want to enjoy something more relaxing and educational. If that’s the case, consider the Phoenix Zoo! And did you hear? The Phoenix Zoo was recognized as one of the top 5 zoo's for children in the nation! This is an absolutely stellar deal and with exhibits changing throughout the year. 

The Greatest Thrills in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a thrilling day with your family and friends, Pogo Pass also offers the city’s best amusement parks. During the summer, escape with your family at Enchanted Island Amusement Park or cool off at Golfland Sunsplash.  Whether you want to plan a birthday party or allow the kids to have a fun day every day, Enchanted Island is filled with charm and magic to make every visit memorable.

Inspiring the Future Athlete

Home to the famous Arizona Diamondbacks, imagine enjoying a hotdog, drink, and thrilling game on a hot summer night with your family! It’s definitely worth it!

After your children are inspired to become the next stars of the Arizona Diamondbacks, be sure to fuel their activity with ASU Athletics, Jump Street, Phoenix Rock Gym, and Arizona Rattlers. Perfect for boys and girls of all ages, these attractions will keep your family in shape while entertaining your children for hours on end.

What are you waiting for?

Now is the best time to take advantage of the deals that Pogo Pass has to offer to ensure that your kids have the best year of entertainment ever. Best of all, with Pogo Pass you’ll be able to revisit and relive these moments time and time again. Enjoy your family time with Pogo Pass!

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