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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I purchase Pogo Pass as a gift?

Pogo Passes can be purchased as a Gift Voucher.  Gift Vouchers arrive as Gift Codes in the purchasers confirmation email after purchase.  The Gift Codes are meant to be used by the recipient as payment to purchase Pogo Passes with their own account information. 

Pogo Pass Gift Codes activate the 1 year membership when used to purchase Pogo Passes by the recipient.  Each gift code is good for 1 Pogo Pass regardless of purchase price or price change.


How do I get my passes?

Instructions on your Pogo Pass will arrive via email immediately after your purchase. Most Pogo Pass members will download the app and use the their passes from any device. This allows you to also track pass usage, refer friends and much more.  You can also print your passes from the "Passes" section in your account. Your pass will be scanned and admitted for a complimentary general admission. 


How do I use the Pogo Pass?

Simply present your Pogo Pass barcode at any of a current participating venues. Please make sure to check availabiltiy at each venue by clicking the venue logo on our website, or by using the calander.  Sporting events require you to reserve your tickets under "events" on that teams individual page.


How do I login to my account?

Accounts and passwords are created at the time of checkout. Simply enter the email and password you created to login to your Pogo Pass account.


How long is my pass valid for?

Pogo Passes are valid 1 year from the date of purchase, not for a calendar year. If you purchase your pass in the middle of the year and events are past or out of season, they will be available to you the following season until your pass expires.


What happens when I renew my Pogo Pass membership early?

Renewing your Pogo Pass membership early simply extends your original expiration date one year. Any visits to venues prior to your original pass expiring will count towards your original pass.  If it exceeds the allowed limit, it will count towards the renewed pass.  Once your original pass expires, your pass usages will reset to zero.


How do I reserve my tickets to a sporting event?

The calandar icon on the Pogo Pass app displays all upcoming "Events" available to you as a Pogo Pass member.  Choose the event to register your passes.  If your on www.pogopass.com, click on the venue you would like to reserve tickets for and proceed to the "Events" tab at the top of the page slideout. 

Event registration links appear next to that event 2 weeks prior to game day, and disappears 48 hours prior to event start. Tickets will either be at "Will Call" the day of event, or will be emailed electronically depending on how the venue dispurses tickets.  Instructions for getting tickets will arrive in your event registration confirmation email.


How do I change my contact information for my Pogo Pass?

Simply login to your account and you will be able to edit your account information.


Is the Pogo Pass transferable?

Pogo Pass memberships are not transferrable.  Each pass comes with the owner's name and individualized bar code that can only be used by the pass owner.


Will the current Venues always be available on the Pogo Pass?

We anticipate that current venues will remain on the Pogo Pass. However, participating venues are subject to change.  New venues are often added at no additional charge to current Pogo Pass members.


At what age do I need Pogo Pass?

We recommend that children ages 2 years old and up have their own Pogo Pass with their own name on it. Most venues begin charging admission at this age. Some venues do require admission for children who have had a birthday.  Please check specific venue pages for details.


Will any new Venues be added?

Yes. We are always looking at adding additional venues to the Pogo Pass. When done, existing pass holders are automatically included.


How do refunds work?

Pogo Pass will refund orders within 30 days of purchase.  Refunds will not be issued on memberships that have been used at participating venues.